Boduo Group

  • mission

    Development of the industry
    High quality of life
    Health and happiness

  • culture


  • operation

    5 subsidiaries, 2 holding companies
    8 chain brands, 5000+ stores
    Group operation



new enterprise

We are the Boduo people.
We work together because of a same dream which is full of sensation and happiness.
Boduo people dare to pioneer, create a high quality of life
and advocate the idea of health and happiness.

Our company is at Hangzhou, China, a place which is famous for its beautiful lake-West lake
and also a place full of stories.
Our company is a big group company,
including catering, hotels, culture consulting training, creative design, shopping malls, health care.
We focus on the world situation, to become the world's leading group of enterprises

Every day, we are committed ourselves to create a better future.
We provide the developing and income-generating opportunities for employees, business partners,
and the region where the business is located.
And, we also make effort to provide the good return on investment for investors.
We believe, Boduo Group will give people more healthy and dynamic life.
Meanwhile, we’ll be active in fulfilling our social responsibility as well.



Character of people and perfect department structure make the group different.
Different individual characteristics in Boduo were fused to create newvalues.
Each of us in Boduo Group has the good quality.

Boduo Group

  • dream is what makes you happy, when you are just trying!


Learn from whom?
Learn from our competitors, consumers and colleagues
Learn what?
Learn others’ advantages
(excellent skills, outstanding designs, perfect productions, good suggestions, ideas)
How to learn?
We can learn and imitate other people to reduce the cost, prevent the mistakes and grow fast.
After we accumulate to a certain extent and then we should put our own characters in
and create our own designs by standing on the shoulders of giants.


Try to care our members.
Treat our colleagues friendly and help them solve problems both in work and life sincerely.
Give them a helping hand when they are in trouble
Create a good condition, teach our members, promote their skills,
help them grow up and increase their salary
Care our consumers.
Provide our consumers with excellent service.


The completion of the market is extremely cruel .
“Survival of the fittest "is the natural law.
Survival is a prerequisite for development, we should have a sense of crisis.
Try to learn the culture of wolf and get our resources and advantages together
Try to cooperate with other people and improve our skills.
Try to win the share of the market and the respect of our competitors.


Boduo has so much experience in the operation of brand
We broadcast our sense of healthy life
We are creative and provide different consumers with different outstanding services.
We wish the company will to be a world brand with modern management in the future.


Multi brand-operation system

Our group have well-established framework.
We maximize our own advantages by integrating internal resources.
with more than 5000 bubble tea shops and restaurants
We also provide continuous, creative supports to build brands.

Boduo Group
Boduo Group
Raw materials production. Chain stores operation
Franchise stores &direct-sale store management
The Special bird & chain
The Special bird & chain
Brand management of bubble tea industry
16-year experience ,5000+ chain stores

tea brand

my girl
your Starbucks
2800 stores across the country
Leading brand of the industry.
tea land
Micro high-end tea
800 stores across the country
The latest brand of The Special bird & chain
tea walk
Composite snack&bubble tea shops
900 stores across the country.
Most fashionable tea shop
milk tea
Professional in bubble tea making
1000 stores across the country.
Classic bubble tea brand for decade
milk tea
Taiwan's new brown sugar instant tea drink
1700 stores across the country.
5 overseas agents worldwide

catering brand

10-Second get to Yunnan Rice Vermicelli
10-Second get to Yunnan Rice Vermicelli
Authentic Yunnan rice vermicelli
Traditional Yunnan food of beauty and good taste.
10-Second get to Chongqing small noodles
10-Second get to Chongqing small noodles
Inheriting the essence of Chongqing small noodles.
Spicy and hot. Soup tastes strong
Kowloon Bus
Kowloon Bus
Inheriting traditional Hong Kong style.
Delivering authentic Hong Kong taste
Delicacy from local tea restaurant of HK.

Boduo Group

Bodou Homestead
Bodou Homestead
3 raw material factory.
60% milk tea raw material market share.
Boutique Hotel
Boutique Hotel
We build boutique hotel brand
”Qing Chan”with Grandma’s Home
Neck- recovered
Neck- recovered FIREST1
Inheriting conditioning skill from Miao medicine.
professional Miao medicine recuperating service.
Social occasions & gathering place.
Allow youth show art, fashion.

The news of Boduo

8th Sept,2015

On August 20 to 28, 2015, Yu chairman was invited to attend the China - Spain - South Africa Business Summit forum. Chinese representatives attended the meeting on behalf of only two, and the other is Alibaba executives. The Spanish government has made a thoughtful arrangement for the visit of Yu Tong.

14th Aug,2015

The 19th Entrepreneurship Union Summit is successfully ended on August 14,2015 in company headquarters. The manager of the Franchising Development, Yelong Wang, presided over the summit meeting.

At the beginning, in order to make the atmosphere more active, Mr. Wang invited six entrepreneurs to join in a game named “you give me 30 yuan, return you 100 yuan ”, which present a profound interpretation of Chinese proverb “planting a seed in spring, and graining ten thousand in autumn”.

10th Aug,2015

Boduo Group deployment conference about the first half of 2015 opened at 8:30 in the morning on August 8. It summed up the first half of the 2015, analyzed the situation, carried out the key work of the next 6 months, held the confidence to ensure the completion of full-year target, and promote the rapid development of company. We would work hard for creating a world-class enterprises .

1th Aug,2015

On the afternoon of July 30,2015,ZheJiang Holley group Xiao QiJing with more than 20 group executives visited the headquarter of Boduo Groups. They conducted a second meeting about cooperation on the overseas projects.

8th Jul,2015

In order to enhance the user's experience awareness, improve the company's popularity, promote the visual image conveying of Boduo Group’s enterprise culture, business philosophy and Brand building, further play the role of outreach sites and provide our clients with a better service exchange platform, we introduced a new official website for Boduo Group. The new website was launched successfully on 8th July of 2015.

18th May,2015

The success is spreading rapidly for the milk tea Brand of the Tea Industry leader ”The Special Bird & Chain” –My Girl. Following the success that My Girl entered in Philippine market in 2014, at the beginning of 2015, it was also successful to open the marketing in Cambodia.


Different Industry Cooperation

We make sustainable brand strategy to shape core competence,
looking forward to collaborate with outstanding corporation in different field on a reciprocal basis.
Brand Center:+86-571-89000086   


We have advanced concept, precise brand positioning and 16 years of operational experience of chain business,
providing brand and technical support services for the entrepreneurs.
If you are interested in open a store of our brand, please contact these numbers:
Bubble tea industry:+86-400-672-8890
Catering industry:+86-400-679-1838
Raw material of bubble tea purchasing:+86-400-017-1778        

Various Cooperation

With the promotion of overall brand strategy
Media exposure or any kind of cooperation are all welcome.
Media contact: +86-571-89000081
Different Industry Cooperation contact:+86-571-89000086

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